Translation from English and German into Swedish

When you hire us for translation from English or German into Swedish, you must know that you will also have a personal service. Angena AB is a small company with a big understanding for the different demands of our customers. You are always in touch with the same person of our company. This assures you a valuable security.

Sometimes you may want to have the translation done within one day, sometimes it is not that urgent. We always do our very best to meet your desired delivery time. If we see that we cannot meet your demands, we will let you know at once when we receive your request. It is natural for us to give you an honest and reliable answer immediately – an answer that you can trust in.

Of course we apply professional secrecy. Somebody, who is not authorized, will never know anything about the translation orders you place with us.

We translate from English and German into Swedish mainly regarding vehicles, other technology, logistics and tourism.

Some examples of documents which we use to translate:

  • Technical instructions
  • Templates and forms
  • Manuals
  • Computer programs
  • Websites

Furthermore we can translate some material from Swedish into English or German, for instance websites and general correspondence.

Any questions? Do you want a quote? Please fill the form to get in touch with us. If you choose to request a quote, please attach a relevant file.

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